Road Trip China – Beijing to Yantai, Penglai, Qingdao

Road trips have been a key fixture throughout my life. Growing up in Maryland, I remember setting out for Canada almost every summer, stopping at night to camp along the east coast. Trips would begin at 5:00 am with a bag of Cheerios, my favorite stuffed animal and a Disney tape in my walkman, and … Continue reading


In celebration of worker’s holiday, May Day, Greg and I headed three hours south to Baiyangdian, the largest freshwater lake in China. The lake first formed in the early 1200s when five dams simultaneously broke, creating a scenic spot that has been come to be known as the Guilin of northern China, a city known … Continue reading


This past week we had “three” days off for Tomb Sweeping Festival, or Qingming. I say “three” because in China, this means you get Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off, but have to work Saturday. Unfortunate, but I got through it and headed out on Sunday morning to an old Ming village called Cuandixia. Similar to … Continue reading

Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou

For Chinese New Year, the roomies and I joined 700 million travelers throughout China. We headed south to Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, spending a night in each city before returning to Shanghai for the Superbowl. The trip was everything I could have imagined: canal rides through Suzhou’s gardens, strolls along Shanghai’s Bund, and bike rides … Continue reading