Road Trip China – Beijing to Yantai, Penglai, Qingdao

Road trips have been a key fixture throughout my life. Growing up in Maryland, I remember setting out for Canada almost every summer, stopping at night to camp along the east coast. Trips would begin at 5:00 am with a bag of Cheerios, my favorite stuffed animal and a Disney tape in my walkman, and … Continue reading

Acupuncture Part Two: The adventure continues with house visits!

In an effort to treat my budding wrist syndrome, last month I saw a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, whose treatment unfortunately left me with new pain and doubtful of his competency. Additional research, however, restored my faith in acupuncture, which I put to the test again a few weeks ago with a new practitioner who … Continue reading

The basic dos and don’ts of acupuncture

While attempting to penetrate the vast maze of Chinese culture can be shocking and hilarious, recently I also discovered it can be quite painful. Sitting in the doctor’s office chair last week, I desperately tried to force a state of relaxation while pain shot out of my head as he chanted incoherent Chinese and attempted … Continue reading

Beijing’s Nirvana and Jillian Michaels

Woah it’s been a long time since I wrote something here. I started out the summer with the goal of posting once a week, but as it is the time for travel and workloads, and I’ve been familiarizing myself with the latter, time has passed me by. So far, summer in Beijing has been hot … Continue reading

The rents have arrived!

The rents arrived for the first time to China, let alone Asia, last week to be my first guests here. As I am quite new to the task, there have been a few bumps along the way, including arrival at the final gate of the Forbidden City (after trekking through the four-odd gates) the minute … Continue reading

Buying a Beijing-worthy Bike

They say getting your bike stolen in Beijing is a rite of passage. I only hope having it happen a second time means you’re a turbo Beijinger. This weekend, for the second time since I arrived in Beijing, I went in search of the perfect bike because two weeks ago, for the second time since … Continue reading

Hi, my name is Deng Peaceful Concrete 邓安凝

One late night at the office a few colleagues and I were discussing the Chinese names of the office laowai. Selecting a Chinese name is an interesting process. Because there’s no family name to start with, you instead must attempt to mimic the sound of your given name with words that also, hopefully, have a … Continue reading


In celebration of worker’s holiday, May Day, Greg and I headed three hours south to Baiyangdian, the largest freshwater lake in China. The lake first formed in the early 1200s when five dams simultaneously broke, creating a scenic spot that has been come to be known as the Guilin of northern China, a city known … Continue reading

bin Laden on front page of Chinese newspaper, taken from AP

China and Osama’s Death

On 9/11, I encountered resentment towards the US from some of my Mexican peers at the international high school in Mexico City. They whispered comments behind my teachers’ backs in true pre-pubescent form to which I retorted equally rehearsed jibes. Although I can’t say what Chinese high schoolers thought of the attacks at the time, … Continue reading

Wangfujing Cathedral

A Middle Kingdom Easter

Last week I celebrated one of my favorite holidays knowing the fam was about to enjoy a morning dose of Easter candy, inspiring church sermon, deliciously satisfying brunch followed by an equally satisfying nap, and another huge meal concluded with my Dad’s famous Easter cake. This is what I consider a great routine, so I … Continue reading