China Road Trip Take 2: Laolongtou and Beidaihe

When spring finally hit Beijing, and every single resident emerged from hibernation to crowd the streets, sidewalks and restaurants, it came time for another road trip. Looking to satisfy one of the only needs Beijing cannot, we headed to the coast to see some waves at Laolongtou and Beidaihe. About three hours northeast of Beijing, … Continue reading

Koreans are Hardcore

This year, Lunar New Year came early. Three weeks after returning from Christmas in the US, I found myself packing again, this time for South Korea. It would be my first trip in Asia outside Greater China and I was excited to experience a place some Mainlanders claim is what China would be like had … Continue reading

Road Trip China Part 2 – The Sites

Going through pictures from this past week, it’s amazing how much we managed to pack in with only two non-travel days of a five-day vacation. The first leg of our road trip brought us to Yāntái, a third-tier coastal city located about 746 km (463 miles) from Beijing. Our first full day was mostly spent … Continue reading

Road Trip China – Beijing to Yantai, Penglai, Qingdao

Road trips have been a key fixture throughout my life. Growing up in Maryland, I remember setting out for Canada almost every summer, stopping at night to camp along the east coast. Trips would begin at 5:00 am with a bag of Cheerios, my favorite stuffed animal and a Disney tape in my walkman, and … Continue reading

Buying a Beijing-worthy Bike

They say getting your bike stolen in Beijing is a rite of passage. I only hope having it happen a second time means you’re a turbo Beijinger. This weekend, for the second time since I arrived in Beijing, I went in search of the perfect bike because two weeks ago, for the second time since … Continue reading


In celebration of worker’s holiday, May Day, Greg and I headed three hours south to Baiyangdian, the largest freshwater lake in China. The lake first formed in the early 1200s when five dams simultaneously broke, creating a scenic spot that has been come to be known as the Guilin of northern China, a city known … Continue reading


This past week we had “three” days off for Tomb Sweeping Festival, or Qingming. I say “three” because in China, this means you get Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off, but have to work Saturday. Unfortunate, but I got through it and headed out on Sunday morning to an old Ming village called Cuandixia. Similar to … Continue reading

Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou

For Chinese New Year, the roomies and I joined 700 million travelers throughout China. We headed south to Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, spending a night in each city before returning to Shanghai for the Superbowl. The trip was everything I could have imagined: canal rides through Suzhou’s gardens, strolls along Shanghai’s Bund, and bike rides … Continue reading