Side Car Through Beijing

A friend is starting up a sidecar tour group and put out a request for passengers willing to test drive her service. My grandma started her campaign against motorcycles when my cousins and I were young, instilling a fear of motorized two-wheelers at an early age. While I remain hesitant to jump on the back of a bike, since coming to China my fear has slightly diminished. You would think with all the nutty drivers, I’d be twice as unlikely to brave the roads, but given my current exposure to motorcycles through Bucko, my frigid attitude towards bikes has grown tepid.

The trip, however, raised my interest in bikes to the level of a “fan” when it comes to side cars. Perhaps I was influenced by the beauty of our nighttime journey through downtown Beijing, but whipping around in a side car is super cool.

Chelsea and Bucko enjoying the ride

Hugging the curves around Tiananmen


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