A Middle Kingdom Easter

Wangfujing Cathedral

Last week I celebrated one of my favorite holidays knowing the fam was about to enjoy a morning dose of Easter candy, inspiring church sermon, deliciously satisfying brunch followed by an equally satisfying nap, and another huge meal concluded with my Dad’s famous Easter cake. This is what I consider a great routine, so I tried my hardest to recreate what I have come to know and love as Easter in Beijing.

We started off the day at a buffet brunch provided by a nice western hotel and lasting until 3:30 pm. Not only were there eggs benedict and freshly shucked oysters, there was also free-flowing champagne and bloody mary’s. Things got a little strange, however, after waiters brought out vodka shots. Suddenly a salsa dancing crew burst out of nowhere, blocking access to food, and soon after I noticed that the big pink Easter bunny had designated Chinese women dressed as playboy bunnies to lead the children’s Easter egg hunt.

Wangfujing Cathedral

After making my exit from the fun-filled family brunch, I headed for Wangfujing Cathedral, the only Catholic Church I know of in Beijing that offers services in English. Although the service lacked a particularly resurrection-y feeling, the Church was beautiful and the parishioners more than welcoming. The priest advised us to not take that big job with great pay and no social life, and instead focus on creating relationships with other people – a topic I find reflective of China’s growing capitalism and its effects on the larger population. Other church-goers were not as lucky.

I then joined up with friends at a local park for a short picnic and nap on the grass, after which we stopped by another buddy’s housewarming party.

So, although the Easter bunny did not bring me a basket of candy and that annoying fake green plastic grass that takes hours to clean up, he did bring his crew of playboy bunnies and even I can appreciate that.

One Response to “A Middle Kingdom Easter”
  1. dicksonjohn says:

    Oh no. No Easter egg cake for the fam this year!

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