Happy International Women’s Day!

Yesterday morning I came into work to find a rose on my desk, and after asking coworkers what it was for, discovered it was in celebration of international women’s day. I’m guessing those of you in the States have never heard of this celebration. I just learned of its existence about a month ago when a friend asked if I wanted to volunteer at a related event. In Beijing, not only do we get roses welcoming us to work, but women are also rewarded with a continuous flow of free food and store discounts. Apparently, we’re also supposed to only work a half day (although I would have LOVED it, I have to ask whether it really promotes equality in the workplace). Why is this holiday not celebrated in many Western cultures, where it originated? Come on people. At least Michelle and Hillary recognized the event’s 100th anniversary.

As it just so happens, the event I’m volunteering at is donating its proceeds to China Education Initiative (CEI), where Greg works. If you’re in Beijing, please stop by, if only to see me creatively covered in raffle tickets. If you do come, you won’t even pay attention to my outfit; you’ll be distracted by all the enticing silent auction items, including a four-course dinner for six prepared by the Mexican Embassy’s chef, Adriana Barrio (I will fight you for this one). If you’re not around, check out CEI’s website to find out how they’re using the donations.

Most importantly, have a happy International Women’s Day!

One Response to “Happy International Women’s Day!”
  1. 3rdCultureKidBetweenWorlds says:

    Note: CEI recently changed it’s name to Teach for China (TFC). You can find them at the same address.

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