In the U.S. we love to use strong, angry animals, racially insensitive cartoons, and small magical men as mascots. Whereas England seems to favor creepy cyclops creatures, old men or dogs, and equally tough, furry friends as their puritan buddies.
China, on the other hand seems to be obsessed with cuddly cartoon animals. For example, the Asia Games featured six cute goats in a constant state of joy. Likewise, the Olympics were surrounded by mythical (and rather scary) creatures bearing headdresses and repetative names like Beibei, Jingjing and Yingying. But, my favorite Chinese mascot to date is Gigi. I met Gigi while polishing off a delicious sandwich and sipping my favorite soft drink: orange soda. Let’s guess what Gigi means in Chinese. Take a look.

Oh Gigi


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