The Apartment Hunt

Whether or not you are in Beijing, searching for an apartment is comparable to getting your teeth drilled while listening to Phil Collins (post Genesis). It’s painfully annoying and stressful. After giving a real estate agent a try, only to be left unimpressed and apartment-less, we decided to put our search off until after Christmas. Living at Greg’s Father’s apartment has made us 100% spoiled. I mean, it has an oven. ‘Nough said (those babies are quite hard to come by in Chinaland). Basically we’ve stayed at the Root palace rent-free and aren’t about to give it up unless something feels perfect.

As turns out something perfect did come up, sans agent. Thanks to more family kindnesses, Greg, roomie and I will be living the swanky life, at half the price.

Of course, now that we have the perfect place, we need to figure out how to pay the utilities. We spent the majority of last weekend attempting to do exactly this. Sunday afternoon we spent over an hour circling the same three square blocks trying to find our internet provider. After asking dozens of people, our inquiries led us to a dilapidated building that apparently provides internet access to the entire district. Go figure. It also figures that we pay for our water by putting money on a card…which we swipe in a device underneath our sink.

The other half of the weekend was spent in IKEA. Want to know what a Chinese IKEA looks like? Exactly the same as any other IKEA, plus a multitude of loungers.


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