Three months ago I landed in Beijing for what I intend to be a life experiment. Since my freshman year in college, I have heard about China, Beijing specifically, from various friends who ended up studying abroad in Beijing and some of whom moved here after graduation. Over four years, they shared their knowledge of China’s culture and language, imparting upon me catch phrases and dirty words. Finally, after graduation, I spent two weeks in this mysterious country. Thanks to my host, during those weeks I visited every possible monument, park, and hutong. In between these locations I gorged myself on a variety of Chinese food (except scorpions..I’m terrified of bugs) and explored the nightlife.

It was so amazing that I came back a number of months later to visit my boyfriend in Yunnan province. Greg’s life in Pengtun could not have been more different from life in Beijing. The toilet consisted of maggot-covered troughs, his shower – a hanging water bottle, and he washed his clothes in a public sink. The people, on the other hand, were the most welcoming, kind and funny.

I had to move to China. So, once my contract in Boston was up, I set my sights on Beijing and landed in August. This blog will be about my experiences here in Beijing – the good, the bad, and the funny.

And one more thing, the name of my blog, you’ll notice, says I’m a third culture kid. I spent my childhood in South Africa, Maryland, Peru, and Mexico, after which I attended a New England boarding school and a Liberal Arts College. My parents moved once after I left – to Canada, and since then have returned to the States. I know I would not have had the guts to come here had I grew up differently.


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